23é limited edition” sartorial recycling accessories collection is the result of a creative partnership between Deborah Correnti and Mirco Marchetti, together with craftsmanship, tradition, and innovation. The two designers first met at Polimoda fashion institute where they both studied fashion design. They have a strong personality and very different origins, Deborah comes from Sicily, Mirco from Tuscany. Despite having different career paths, they do share what is necessary to develop creative complicity.

After undergoing international professional experiences in Europe, Russia, Japan, China and America, they started to feel the need to combine their impressions and their previously attained knowledge. 

Sicily is a land characterized by strong contrasts, endless dominations, stubborn, sincere, hospitable and open people, it is the cradle of multiple civilizations that enriched its cultural heritage, a place where nature rules. It is in Sicily that both designers fall under the enchantment of colors, smells, traditions, radiance and craftsmanship and, taking the very best of their previous experiences, they put the basis of a new partnership. 

23é Limited Edition 

The brand was created on a spring evening in 2017 nearly just for fun, while remembering school memories and counting all the years, 23, since when Deborah and Mirco took their first steps in prestigious Italian haute couture ateliers. 

Moreover, they wanted to work on a project originating from hats and the famous Italian idiomatic expression “il Cappello sulle 23” (to cock one's hat). Besides, they wanted to work on a project originating from hats and the famous Italian idiomatic expression “il cappello sulle 23” (to cock one's hat). 

Once the name, 23è, was chosen, it was time to create the first capsule collection: “Straw and onion feathers hats and jewelry”. It is series of limited edition accessories: hats created with attentively recovered materials of past Italian millinery and necklaces inspired by classic forms of antique jewelry but in a modern interpretation, given by the experimental use of natural materials such as onion leaves and sisal straw and to the creators' artistic sensibility.


Deborah and Mirco’s tailoring background and green soul gave birth to the Sartorial Recycling project.

 It is a sustainability concept that is not concerned about the emphasis of the moment but focuses instead on a long-term vision to find the right balance among environment, beauty, and craftsmanship. 

The starting point and soul of 23é Limited Edition collections are recycling and putting again into production process pre and post-manufacture waste, giving a new life to wasted garments and accessories, handmade and attention to details.