The concept of Sartorial Recycling is expressed in the new gender fluid collection “I WAS AN UMBRELLA”, where broken umbrellas are given a new life to become a brand-new capsule collection of hats, rain hats, bags, and cloaks. 

This collection comes from paying attention to an object, the umbrella, which is often neglected, mostly in windy towns such as Messina. Here it is used not only as a recovery material but also as a way to promote sartorial handcraft and Italian design. 

We are talking about practical and multifunctional accessories hand-cut one by one following the natural shapes of the original material, where the style of any firefighter, aviator, fisherman or English ladies headdress easily and perfectly matches the couture details. 

Alike pieces that are never identical. The two brand co-founders stylistic skill give life to unique objects so peculiar for the colors combination and patterns of the recycled materials.

This collection, as also the previous ones, originates from a clear desire to respect the environment, recovering disused umbrellas after taking out their inner core and sanitize them before reuse.